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Burning for the Beast: Immortal Kiss book 1

A paranormal romance set in the Highlands of Scotland

The realms of immortals are on the brink of collapse, and the human woman who is the key to their survival finds herself at the mercy of the king of the Fenrir, a dangerous and powerful man who seeks to use her for himself… and ignites a burning passion within her.

Ulric McCallen will stop at nothing to undo the decades-long curse that threatens the very existence of his clan on Midgard. He finds the solution in a very unlikely source — a wee little human of ethereal beauty and fiery spirit. The curse that binds Yggdrasil has marked her for death, and the king of beasts must somehow protect the woman he hungers to possess from the dark forces that hunt her, and save the world itself from certain destruction. 

Evaline Headen is making a last ditch effort to save herself from a mysterious illness, which has baffled every doctor and specialist she’s seen. She’s in Scotland, trying to find a witch. But instead of a cure, she finds herself falling straight into danger, and into the arms of a tall, handsome stranger… with big teeth, and deadly claws. She has no choice but to seek refuge with him as she tries to unravel the secrets of her condition and her past. But the truth can bring their hearts together, or be the undoing of them both. 

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Touch of Night: Immortal Kiss book 2

An ancient vampire king seeks to claim his mate — a beautiful mortal bound to him by fate itself. 

Released March 22, 2022 on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Vampire king Vincent Strand spent centuries searching for his mate, only to find her standing in front of him in his home — but she’s human. That does not bode well for his kind, who can last an eternity. Yet, he is drawn to her with a thirst he has not felt in centuries. As he struggles to control his dark desires, he finds Mira has her own secrets, ones that hunt her for their own purposes. He must convince Mira to accept him as her mate, or else lose her forever… and doom them both. 

Mira Khan moved to Scotland to escape a relentless enemy — her parents. She didn’t expect to be swept up in the affairs of a dangerous local mob boss on her first night there. Vincent ignites an irresistible attraction in her that she can’t ignore, and she craves him in ways she can’t explain. But there is something dark and mysterious about him, something otherworldly. When her past comes back to haunt her, he just might be the only one who can protect her. 

Touch of Night: Immortal Kiss book 2, a standalone, steamy paranormal romance based on Norse myth. If you enjoy this, check out Immortal Kiss book 1, Burning for the Beast. 

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